BCF BimSnippet; usecase Openings and Recesses


Openings and recesses are an important part of construction elements. In time, more companies are involved with them. Modeldata is communicated with the open standard IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), the communication is done with the open standard BCF (BIM Collaboration Format). The combination of IFC en BCF has proven itself in practise.

Communicating openings and recesses with IFC and BCF
The exchange of IFC data that only consists the requested openings and recesses, has proven to be a helpfull methode. This aspectmodel with only simple objects, is more effective to exchange than a model with MEP elements. Regardless of the fact that the size of an opening is not the same as a pipeline for example. A dataset with only openings and recesses has a small filesize and can be easily exchanged with others. It is a reference to help create a final design by using this information within a designapplication like ArchiCAD, Tekla or Revit.

Model with openings and recesses (IFC)

Communication of openings and recesses with BimSnippet
A more effective way to communicate about openings and recesses is BimSnippet, as part of the existing BCF communication with ‘issues’. The specific modeldata of an opening or recess in a construction element, can be part of an ‘issue’. This way, the specific information can be reviewed and processed with multiple applications. This helps creating a ‘definitive design’ as known in The Netherlands. Eventually, it helps creating a aspectmodel from a supplier on what they are going to produce and deliver, but faster and more efficient.

With BCF and BimSnippet, the request for openings or recesses, can be answered with modeldata. The ‘issues’ as known results from a modelcheck can easily be exchanged with others, using issuemanagementsoftware or file based and at any time.

BCF and BimSnippet can save time in the process creating building elements with openings and recesses:
– Exchange different alternatives in openings and recesses as part of an issue
– Exchange modeldata directly to a designer
– Exchange of modeldata that has been modified
– Exchange of openings and recesses per issue
– Status in BCF includes the modeldata
– Complete dataset with openings and recesses has little priority
– Automated clashdetection gives an overview of needed modeldata

High potential
The use of BCF with BimSnippet has high potential in the usecase with openings and recesses. But there are multiple examples of other usecases. Mostly because there is communication about more subjects, as the use of BCF is widly spread. In the designphase, there is communication about different proposals for design, in which a BimSnippet could be a representation of this proposal in modeldata. This BimSnippet potential can be put to a test as soon as softwarecompanies have completed an implementation in their tools. It’s time for softwaredevelopers to make the next move!